COAA Prez Blog

COAA Prez Blog

Seasons Greetings ...

Dear COAA Members and Families,
As we near the end of my first year as COAA President, it's my privilege to recognize some of the many volunteers who contribute to COAA and its functions throughout the year.

First, I want to again express my appreciation to my volunteer appointments this year -

Gordie Davidson, KS, stepped in as Webmaster and has completely revamped the COAA website. The results are both impressive and also gives COAA the presence it deserves and needs on the Internet. In so doing Gordie saved COAA thousands of dollars, is currently saving us at least $500 annually, and invested dozens of hours for the cause.

Gary Stevenson, MO, Membership Chair, has gone above and beyond in his new duties as he totally reorganized and retyped the entire membership data base! It's now possible, for example, to efficiently and economically remind every member with email of an upcoming event. This is important when an event pops up between editions of the Journal, as was evidenced last summer with the quickly-arranged visits to the Sanfilippo and Krughoff collections. Gary also personally called over 90% of those members who had not re-upped their membership before the deadline. For address and other updates.

Suzanne Hendricks, MN, recently assumed the post of Organ Rally Chair and has already confirmed five rallies and his working on two more for 2013. Suzie's organizational skills will offer a great improvement in assisting local rally hosts and can be reached at

Marc and Debe Danacker, WI, are the new Advertising Managers and have already brought all accounts up to date and also developed a new accounting system. A major goal for 2013 is to increase ad revenue by 25%. Your assistance in this endeavor will be sincerely appreciated, a business card size ad is only $25 for four issues of the Journal. The email address is

Dannell Mauldin, AR, is continuing in her fourth year as Merchandise Chair. In the near future the website will feature all COAA merchandise. Dannell takes care of every order as well as bringing it to rallies or making certain the merchandise gets to the rallies. Please remember these items make great gifts for your favorite COAA members. Items and prices are published on page 3 of the Journal. Email

The following officers were elected this year -

Charles Wasson, Treasurer,CA, was elected in 2012 and has contributed mightily to the continued diligence and accuracy of COAA's accounting. Further, he has become a superb leader and innovator on the Board of Directors. The coordination between Charlie and Gary has resulted in the updating of our membership data base at least twice each month, adding immeasurably to the credibility of this great organization.

Roger Wiegand, Vice-presidentCT, elected to the COAA Board of Directors in 2012, has volunteered to Chair the Education Committee and will be leading COAA toward fulfilling the obligations inherent with our 501-C3 tax-exempt status. Roger's knowledge of technology has added immeasurably to Board decisions.

Board Members elected in 2012 -

Wally Venable, WV
Fred Dahlinger, WI

The following are fulfilling their previously-elected terms on the Board -

Mary Jo Bopp, SecretaryFL, maintains the Minutes as well all duties related to Retention of Records. Her attention to detail is outstanding which allows for the necessary flow and order of COAA.

Dave Mahr, IL
Bill Hall, FL

With special appreciation to the Organ Rally Hosts who made each rally possible and successful -

Lake Winnie,
Jonathan Bopp - Knoebels Amusement Park, Mark Chester - Quassy Amusement Park, Ron Gustafson - Festa Italiana, Suzie Hendricks - Cooperstown, NY, Mary Margaret Kuehn - Meridian, MS, Ted Guillaum

For hosting open houses during a COAA event -

Bill and Cyndy Hall
Jasper and Marian Sanfilippo 
Jim and Sherrie Krughoff

Bill and Stacy Nunn

And lastly, 
Ron Bopp, Editor, FL, without whom COAA would be unable to achieve its mission as an educational hobby organization. I've had the opportunity to work side by side with Ron for many years and both admire and acknowledge the dedication with which he does his duties. As the only salaried member of COAA, his efforts to maintain our tax-exempt status are without equal and his dedication appreciated.

The Board met four times in 2012, the first time the Board has met more than annually. It's expected there will be four meetings again in 2013. Further expected changes will be that Directors will take an active role in leading various duties, including Charitable Giving; Technology; Social Media/Internet; Fund Raising; Advertising; and on and on.

It has been a privilege and pleasure to serve this past year and I look forward with optimism and enthusiasm to the coming year. We are fortunate to be blessed with great leadership for a worthy hobby and the preservation of some of the most entertaining machines known to all humanity.

As we close out the year, please remember that COAA is a legal 501-C3 non-profit agency and your donations are tax-deductible. Please contact Treasurer Wasson for details.

Seasons Greetings, Continued Blessings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!