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COAA Prez Blog

Holiday Greetings ...

Greetings COAA Members and Guests,

One of the most glorious seasons of the year is here. Wishing each of you the joy of this holiday season. Be it Christmas, or Hannekah or whichever is your preference, it's a time when we get to celebrate who we are and how we believe. Though some of our members are fortunate to celebrate the joy of mechanical music with their organs and calliopes and crank organs, most will be waiting for the warm days of spring when the COAA Organ Rally season will be in full swing. 

Before then, the all-important COAA elections will occur with the January COAA Journal including the complete ballot. Please be sure to vote so that your interests will be included with the officers and board members of your choice. With the candidates for election COAA will be introducing a new era as there are candidates for Secretary and Board Directors who have never before been candidates for those positions. 

Please be sure to see the ballot included in the January edition of the Carousel Organ and express your preference for leading in this great organization.

COAA President