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February 2013

COAA Financials ...

COAA members and interested readers,
The COAA Board met via teleconference on February 3rd for 75 minutes. Major agenda items included the final budget numbers for 2012 and the projected budget for 2013 and the fee for Organ Rallies in 2013. A full accounting will be presented at the March 17th Board meeting.
2012 total gross receipts $ 42,339
2012 total expenses        $ 27,228
Net Proceeds for 2012      $ 7,581
2013 proposed budget:
                                      $ 26,251 income
                                      $ 24,654 expenses
                                  $ 2,400 proposed net proceeds
Both reports were discussed and accepted with voice votes.
Board voted 8-1 to reduce registration fee for all rallies after April 2013 to $10. Fee for the Holland, MI Rally in April will remain at $15 because information has already been posted and published at that rate. This matter may be revisited. Member Mike Schoeppner resigned after five years as moderator of the Yahoo COAA Discussion Group. Board member Wally Venable has volunteered to take over the post and has presented operating guidelines to the president which will be presented at the March 17th meeting.
There were other announcements made, the most significant being that Treasurer, Charlie Wasson reminded the Board he will be leaving the post as of December 31, 2013, completing his two-year commitment. He has agreed to produce all accounting for 2012 and to prepare a proposed budget for 2013 before completing his term. The Board unanimously praised Charlie for his outstanding service this past year. Charlie stated that he will stay on for a reasonable period of time until a new Treasurer is elected.
1. Advertising revenue: Members will be encouraged to support the Journal by purchasing an ad, be it For Sale, Wanted, or Personal. Board Members are invited to suggest any other potential ad income to the Prez.
2. Rally Insurance: Prez will ask Jim Partrick, COAA Insurance Coordinator, to update Board members re: COAA rally insurance costs and related details. It was noted that insurance costs for rallies has been reduced by almost 40% in the past three years thanks to Jim's outstanding volunteer service to COAA. The Board had special praise for Jim and suggested he be personally appreciated for his dedicated stewardship of COAA's insurance obligations.
3. Trademark Registration: All the legal paperwork has been completed and approved by the US Trademark Office. All original documents will be mailed to Secretary Bopp by February 12th. A copy will be retained by the Prez.
4. The Board also offered special recognition to Mike Schoeppner, outgoing Moderator of the COAA Yahoo Discussion Group, Gary Stevenson, Membership Chair, Marc Dannecker, Advertising Chair, and Gordie Davidson, Webmaster.

Board meeting
will be on March 17th vic Bradenton/Sarasota, Florida. This will be part of the major meeting at the John and Mabel Ringling complex, featuring one of the premier mansions in the US, the largest miniature circus in the world, in its separate permanent building and encompassing 1/4 acre in size, one of the largest collection of world-class art in a spectacular museum, acres of walking paths and exotic flora and fauna, and a COAA organ rally! This will be a meeting not to be missed. Further details of the meeting at Tampa will be presented on this web site.
Details of the March meeting will be presented on this site in late March. Members who wish to have a concern added to the March meeting agenda must do so in writing by March 7th. Such information is to be sent to
Thanks for your participation in this most exciting hobby. Hope to see you soon at a COAA rally or meeting.
Stay in Tune,

COAA Board Meeting ...

Special notice to all COAA members:
As required by the COAA Bylaws, notice of all official board meetings must be provided
to the membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.
I hereby announce that the next official board meeting will take place Sunday, March 17, 2013
in Bradenton, FL.