COAA Prez Blog

COAA Prez Blog

February 2014

COAA Election Results ...

Greetings COAA Members,

It's my pleasure to announce the following results as tabulated by Mary Jo Bopp, COAA Secretary and Election Commissioner.

The following Board positions were up for election this cycle:
Vice-president, Bob Yorburg
Treasurer, Marc Dannecker
Director, Ron Bopp, Re-elected
Director, Bill Hall, Re-elected
Director, Bill Nunn, Elected

Vote totals will be confirmed at the Board meeting on March 2 in St. Cloud, FL.

After that time members may respond to the results.

With appreciation for those who volunteered to be on the Board, as well as to retiring Board members Vice-president Roger Weigand, Treasurer Charlie Wasson and Director Dave Mahr.

On behalf of COAA.
Sincerely yours,

Angelo Rulli
COAA President

Welcome to COAA 2014 ...

Greetings COAA members and guests,

Another year with a great deal of enthusiasm for this great hobby.  The COAA Board of Directors will be meeting near Orlando, FL the first weekend of March.  The Registration form is on this website and it was also included with the Carousel Organ Journal which should have arrived by now.  If you have any questions please email me at my address, which appears at the end of this message.

It's my pleasure to announce that COAA is in superb financial shape.  Last year the Directors reduced organ rally registration fees to $10 and even with the reduction there is a treasury surplus. Details of the Treasurer's report will be announced after the Board approves it.

Rallies this year are listed on this site and in the Carousel Organ. Briefly, they will be at, Lake Winny, Rossburg, GA, Knoebels Park, Elysburg PA, Bushnell Park Carousel, Hartford, CT,  Olcott Beach, NY, Como Park, St. Paul, MN, Farmers Museum and Carousel, Cooperstown, NY, Illinois Railroad Museum, Union, Il, Weston Street Organ Muster II, Weston, MO.  A wonderful and imaginative array of rallies, all but Weston occur East of the Mississippi. Try as COAA has, thus far only Weston and the Spokane, WA, areas have hosted rallies West of the Mississippi .  We're not giving up and look forward to our first rally in CA.  Years ago CA was the hotbed of carousel organ activities and it's ripe for a resurgence.

Lastly, please consider advertising in the Carousel Organ. The ads offer a perfect venue for sellers and buyers and the revenues are used to add more color to the Journal. 

Please let me know how COAA and I can make your membership all you want it to be.

Stay tuned,

Angelo Rulli, President