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Winter Greetings!

Elections -
Voting for COAA Officers/Directors is on a rotating basis so that the entire group of leaders is not replaced all at once. The election in January will be for Vice-President, Treasurer, and three Directors. Details and profiles of all candidates will appear in the January COAA Journal; all positions are four-year terms.

The COAA Nominating committee, consisting of Mary Jo Bopp, COAA Secretary, Charlie Wasson, COAA Treasurer, and Carl Cavitt, former board member, have evaluated and present the following candidates -

Vice-President - Bob Yorburg
Treasurer - Marc Dannecker

Board Candidates, choose three - Ron Bopp, seeking a second term; Bill Hall, seeking a second term; Bill Nunn, seeking his first term; GlennThomas, seeking his first term. The candidate profiles and ballots will be in the January COAA Journal, please be sure your candidates are represented by your votes.

Rally summary -
This year's rally season was a rousing success and included seven rallies spreading East to West from LeRoy, NY to St. Louis, MO and North to South from Milwaukee to Meridian, MS. We started the year in Holland, MI in April and ended in Meridian in November. Over 310 members and friends attended, bringing a variety of organs to entertain and educate the public. Full pictorial coverage will appear in the January Rally Edition.

Winter meeting -
The COAA mid-winter annual meeting will be February 28-March 2, 2014, split between the greater Orlando and Tampa, FL areas. Details will be in the January Carousel Organ. The meeting will feature the incredible band and fairground organ collection of Bill and Cyndy Hall, also including carnival games and memorabilia, circus wagons and related vehicles. It's a collection not to be missed and has been added to since the meeting there last year. An added attraction is their affectionate and talented Cappy, a 300-pound chimpanzee, encaged and ready to entertain.
Optional tours include two featured attractions in the Tampa area, 90-minutes away. Details to be published in the January COAA Journal, the COAA website, and the Yahoo Discussion Group.

Promoting COAA -
When posting videos on You Tube and/or in any other formats, please remember to add an invitation to visit the COAA website, If each member did this throughout a calendar year, we would be reaching tens of thousands of potential members - Thanks!

Thanksgiving and holiday blessings to all!