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COAA Prez Blog

November 2014

Closing 2014 ...

Greetings COAA Members and Guests,

The winter holiday season is upon us and it’s time to express appreciation and thanks.  So often it's not just the elected leaders but rather those working under various titles who make a difference in an organization. COAA is blessed with some outstanding members who deserve to be recognized. I realize it's always risky to recognize only some of the many who keep COAA going, however I'm going to express thanks and appreciation to:

Marc Dannecker, Treasurer, is the elected officer responsible for all of COAA's finances and in particular processes every new and renewal member, keeps meticulous records and corresponds whenever necessary with members. Marc's attention to detail is just one of the talents he brings to COAA. His work goes essentially unnoticed yet barely a week goes by that he isn't tending to COAA responsibilities.

Gordie Davidson, Webmaster. Gordie created a website which is a requirement for any functional organization in this digital age. Gordie updates the website several times each month and responds to requests made by COAA officers and committee chairs to add further information to the site. Gordie also frequently changes the music and pictures; always keeping the site fresh and appealing.

Ted Guillaum, Immediate Past President, is continuing to serve by creating Websites for each COAA Organ Rally. Ted also provides wise counsel to the current President, which is deeply appreciated.

Suzanne Hendricks, Organ Rally Coordinator. Suzie is responsible for soliciting and supporting local hosts for rallies. This past season there were eight rallies and already for next season there are nine rallies confirmed. She also created a series of expectations and standards that assist the local rally host. As a relatively new COAA member Suzie's enthusiasm and attention to detail have made a difference. 

Gary Stevenson, Membership Chair. Gary has created a fail-safe record-keeping system which can be used by future Membership Chairs. Beyond that, he personally calls and writes to every new member, responds immediately to member concerns and is busy with COAA duties every week of the year.

Wally Venable, Elected Board Member, who has created the first searchable Index of Articles and Authors. Wally's tireless effort to create this Index will offer assurance that the contributions of countless members will be preserved and easily available to others into the future. It was an extraordinary effort on Wally's part.

Altogether these six outstanding members keep COAA functioning week after week and month after month. COAA continues to meet its primary goal, that of meeting member needs and focusing on the fun of this great hobby.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!