Online Discussion Group

Online Discussion Group

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View the COAA online discussion group home page at

The COAA Yahoo Group provides secure access to member resources. While it operates within the Yahoo structure, it is a "private" or “members only” group with membership controlled by its Moderator. There are a number of resources available to COAA Yahoo Group members, including:
  1. An on-line discussion group
  2. An "Organ Registry" listing COAA members instruments
  3. Access to photos posted by members
  4. Access to a Membership Roster
  5. Information on hosting rallies and our COAA Liability Insurance
  6. Access to "corporate documents" such as minutes and reports
The on-line discussion group allows members to post and discuss issues of potential interest to other members. Almost any subject is permitted - your travels, marriage, occupation, illness, retirement, mechanical music, new instruments, etc. You can easily contact other group members individually, or post to the entire group. Group posts are moderated. That means all submitted content goes first to the moderator who screens out spam and checks for civility before the material is posted online. Messages between individuals are unfiltered.

Members are not flooded with messages. Last year the average was about 20 messages a month. The largest number of messages was 50, in April, while we were gearing up for rally season. Most messages are about organs or COAA activities.

At least so far, Yahoo has not sent any messages to Group members except those submitted by members and cleared by the monitor and some procedural messages about updates which you may generally delete without reading. There is minimal advertising on the pages.

To enroll in the group directly through the subscription process you must have a "Yahoo! ID" which you can create at There is no charge for a Yahoo account,and you get a free Yahoo email account in the process. Then you apply to join the group, using the Yahoo Groups tab. Your application will be sent to the Group Moderator for approval. You are free to use a "nom-de-guerre" or your real name in your Yahoo name. By following this route you will be able to apply for membership in other groups such as the Wurlitzer 105 Builders.

If you do not use your real name, you will be required to supply it to the Moderator so that your COAA membership can be verified. That is to protect all group members. Your read ID is known only to the moderator and used only to verify current COAA membership.

If you have difficulty accessing the COAA Yahoo Group, or have questions about it, please email the Moderator, Wally Venable, at

Since the COAA Yahoo Group was established in 2006, before changes in the Yahoo systems, the COAA Group Moderator is permitted to add members “by invitation.” To follow that route, send an email to Wally which includes the email address which you would like to use as well as your name as it appears in COAA membership records. You will then be required to “accept the invitation” which will come via Yahoo before you are enrolled in the group.

Footnote: The online discussion group content reaches about 130 of COAA's roughly 430 members - only discussion group members.