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COAA Prez Blog

February 2015

Winter Greetings 2015 ...

Winter Greetings COAA Members and Enthusiasts,

The year 2014 was very good for COAA. Among the highlights …

The first ever compilation of articles in issues 1-50 published by COAA is now posted on our website
HERE. This enormous task was accomplished by COAA Board Member Wally Venable with the assistance of Editor Ron Bopp. Thank You Wally and Ron!

Also, the entire Wurlitzer Rollography of 165 Wurlitzer rolls is now on the COAA website

Seven organ rallies with 535 total grinders, 60 carousel and 138 crank organs.

An increase in treasury assets of $6,594.01. Mark Dannecker, COAA Treasurer, established standardized record keeping procedures to carry treasury information into the future.

Additional color photos added to the 
Journal and color advertising added $2,000 to the treasury. 

Membership remained the same at 427. This is remarkable considering that most hobby groups are losing members. With appreciation to Stanton's Auctions and Breker Auctions. 

Creative activities have been established and will be presented at Organ Rallies, including building a working pipe for educational purposes and coloring book projects for all. The goal is to get the public, especially younger people, interested in mechanical organs. 

Creating Portable Story Boards that describe COAA purposes and which will be transported to and displayed at each Organ Rally. 

A COAA Certificate will be presented to recognize all carousel owners, public or private, which have an operating carousel organ. COAA members are encouraged to contact the COAA President with names of such carousel organ owners/operators.

COAA members will now be allowed to advertise on the Yahoo Discussion Group website

In the midst of winter we turn our thoughts to the warm happy COAA events that highlight our Organ Rally season. The first Rally is scheduled for April 25-26, at Nelis Dutch Village in Holland, Michigan and promises to be another special experience in this very authentic recreation of a Dutch Fishing Village.

Please see our 2015 Schedule page
HERE for all the COAA planned rallies - thanks

Stay in Tune!