COAA Prez Blog

COAA Prez Blog

November 2016

COAA Board Update ...

Greetings COAA Members and Guests,

My President's Message this time is a summary of the actions taken during our Teleconference on November 14

Approval was given by the Board to pay up to $200 for a Plaque of Appreciation to Knoebels Amusement Park for their dedication to operating carousel organs, of which they have five. Board Member Bob Buckler volunteered to contribute an additional $200 to provide for a suitable bronze plaque.

Secretary Venable has volunteered to organize and catalog all Motions enacted since the inception of COAA. The information is currently available on request to members and Wally will be working to make it available to all on-line. By-laws Committee - Secretary Venable is Chair of this committee and will be providing an interim report by April 2017.

Vice-president Yorburg is the COAA representative for the first major event that will combine COAA, the National Carousel Association Annual Meeting and AMICA. The event will take place September 14-16, 2018. VP Yorburg will also be working with President Rulli on a potential fund-raising effort for scholarships to those students interested in mechanical organs.

Publishing Committee - Chairman Bill Hall will be coordinating with Editor Ron Bopp on the implementation of a variety of subjects as prepared by Chairman Hall. The various actions will be announced to the membership in the coming months.

Editor Bopp will be collecting information about the estimated cost of including additional color to the 
Carousel Organ and also how much it will cost to do a full color edition. There will be discussions regarding a drawdown of treasury funds to accomplish this goal. Alternatively, and perhaps in concert with a drawdown, there will be discussions regarding a fund-raising drive to accomplish a full-color magazine. Editor Bopp will be creating a cross puzzle to be included in future issues of the Carousel Organ.

When recruiting new members a new Membership Recruiting form will be created to make it clear it is for new members, not renewals.  Some current members were confused as to why they were being recruited when they were already members. Member Chair Stevenson will be responsible for the new form and it will be sent to the Board before it's approved for printing.

A discussion was conducted regarding the Wurlitzer Rollography Project and that COAA is paying for it to be on our Website and also on the Mechanical Musical Digest, in essence paying twice for the same information to be communicated, costing $425 total.

All COAA members are invited to the Jasper and Marian Sanfilippo estate on December 17. Member Secretary Gary Stevenson sent out an email blast on November 17 and only four emails were returned, indicating our email list is essentially up to date.

The next Board Teleconference meeting will be February . The first in-person meeting will be either at the COAA Organ Rally at Dutch Village in Holland, MI in August or the Rally at St. Charles, MO in September.

Your input and suggestions are always appreciated. Please write me at

Wishing Holiday Joy to all!
COAA President