COAA Prez Blog

COAA Prez Blog

Going Strong ...

Greetings COAA Members and Guests,

Happy Summer!

The Organ Rally season is in full swing. The rallies at Lake Winny (Rossville, GA.), and Knoebel's Park Danville, PA were hugely successful. Winny drew over 60 and Knoebel's almost 200 registrants! The Olcott, NY rally has almost 100 registered. Rallies yet to come are at the Illinois RR Museum, Union, IL; Como Park, St. Paul, MN to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the PTC 33 Carousel; and The Weston, MO Organ Muster II.  For details check the Calendar at

The newest development within COAA is that the Education Committee has proposed an interactive activity program for youngsters to introduce them to mechanical music. Details of that will be presented next month.

In my next Message I'll be outlining some major goals for next year.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and Rally Season - thanks for your continuing support.

Stay in Tune,