COAA Prez Blog

COAA Prez Blog

February 2016

COAA Election Results ...

Greetings COAA Members,

The most active election in COAA's 16-year history is now behind us. The results are:

President, Angelo Rulli, re-elected.
Secretary, Wally Venable, 1st term
Director: Bob Buckler, 1st term
Director: Sam Harris, 1st term.

Officers are elected on a staggered basis so that not all positions are replaced at the same time. With appreciation to one and all who chose to run for election. 

There are many to thank for this historic election, among them, the first members of the Nominating Committee: Mike Schoeppner, Ted Guillaume, Glynn Keisler and Burl Updyke. And the second and final Nominating Committee, Marc Dannecker, Bill Nunn, Glynn Keisler and Burl Updyke. 

COAA is fortunate that nine candidates vied for the four positions, suggesting the future of COAA is assured with such enthusiasm to be in the leadership. The COAA ship of state is stable and flourishing. Our membership has remained stable for two years, an almost impossible task and due to the extraordinary efforts of Member Chair Gary Stevenson. The Treasury has increased over the past three years, with thanks to Treasurer Marc Dannecker. To a first-class Website, thanks to Gordie Davidson, and to a doubling of Organ Rallies, thanks to Rally Coordinator Suzanne Hendricks. Each a volunteer, dedicated to the one hobby group focused solely on mechanical organs and to "The Happiest Music on Earth."

It's my pleasure to serve and I promise to continue the goals of COAA and to be sure that having fun is the key to celebrating this great hobby. We will maintain our obligations as a 501-c3 Non-profit organization with the goal of educating youngsters and adults alike who want to join us in this unique celebration of musical entertainment. 

Thank you, each of you who voted, and I promise to represent all of you. Don't hesitate to contact me with your thoughts and concerns, and join me in celebrating this unique form of entertainment - created for the single purpose of bringing smiles to one and all. 

With gratitude and optimism,